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Calmness – Strngth – Flexiblity



Whether you are beginning your yoga journey or looking to develop a deeper yoga practice, my private classes are designed to help you grow, and develop a deeper love for yourself through yoga.

What’s included in a private session:

  • A specifically designed class to target your goals and support your physical needs. The class will include injury management and modifications to ensure your practice is accessible!
  • Increased awareness and feedback regarding body mechanics and proper alignment. As well as detailed explanations of the benefits of each posture.
  • A safe space where you can ask any questions throughout our time together. We can take as much time as we need to address your concerns and break down the poses or practices that YOU are excited about.
  • Personalized developmental tips, drill and sequences to help you optimise your practice after our session together is complete.
  • Support and coaching throughout your journey to help increase mindfulness and to help you grow through your personal yoga journey.

Before each class I will consult with you to gain a better understanding of what you are looking to explore during our time together. I will then put together a personalized sequence to meet your needs to ensure you get the most out of the experience. If you are recovering from an injury I will sequence the class to ensure you practice safely and in a way that will help your healing process.

Yoga for the workplace

Yoga is for everyBODY
I believe that incorporating yoga into your employees’ lives can help improve their mental and physical health in many ways. The poses of yoga can help reduce physical pain and workplace stress. The mental and spiritual aspect of yoga will help your employees feel more focused, aware, and motivated to be their best and do their best. I am passionate about making yoga accessible for all. After every class my goal is for everyone to leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and


 Included in workplace packages

Consultation with the workplace to explain the many styles of yoga and help determine what type of classes would work best for your company environment.

  • Beginners Introductory to Yoga available upon request including pranayama, breathing techniques & meditation guide.
  • Specifically designed classes to meet the needs of your employees.
  • Recording of each class available for 48 hrs so that employees can enjoy on their own time.

Kids yoga

As many of you know, In addition to being yoga teacher I am also an elementary special education teacher. I have a strong passion for working with children and believe yoga is extremely beneficial to help every child establish healthy habits at a young age. My approach to teaching kids yoga is based around mindfulness, self regulation, and cultivating inner peace. My kids yoga classes are designed to encourage body-awareness and self-esteem. I believe that teaching yoga as a tool can help children reduce their own anxiety and stress and help promote a sense of calmness.

Included in private kids yoga classes

A tailored class to meet the needs of each child.

  • A strong focus on having fun while teaching breathing techniques, yoga postures, meditation, karma yoga, character education, and relaxation.
  • Techniques for self-health, relaxation, and inner fulfillment, so children can navigate life’s challenges with a little more ease.
  • Engaging read alouds to incorporate foundational literacy skills as well as a focus on yoga Poses and understandings

Here what my students are saying


Caitlin is helping so many with her passion for teaching yoga/meditation. Her passion for breath, light and peace surrounds her students. Caitlin is a role model and she resonates positive energy, resilience and perseverance using breath to bring mind and body together as one. Thank you Caitlin for guiding me through this past year in particular and for guiding me toward the light of each new day.


I really enjoy Caitlin’s yoga classes because they are perfectly challenging for someone like me who has been practicing yoga on and off for 8 or so years. My favorite part is the ab work that I can feel after class and into the next few days. I also appreciate that Caitlin puts music into her classes. Her selection of music always creates the perfect vibe!

Alex A

Caitlin is the best of the best. She has helped me with anxiety, stress relief, pain relief and so much more. If you are looking for self transformation, Caitlin Carr has the tools to guide you on your path! You have to check her out to see if for yourself like I did.


I’ve been taking Cait’s yoga classes for a few months now and I absolutely love them. She is so calming and challenging all at the same time. I feel relaxed and reset after every class and always look forward to the next. She is a ray of positivity and has a way of bringing others together to remind us all that we are in this together and always supported.