Welcome… I’m so glad you’re here!


I’m Caitlin, a Yoga teacher who believes Yoga is for everyBODY. In my experience both as a student and teacher, yoga provides the opportunity to become rooted within yourself, without the outside noise. Healing and growth become results of the practice, no matter what age or size.

Here’s how it all started: My mom brought my sister and me to our first yoga class when I was 12 years old. She knew this practice had the power to help us bond, heal, explore and grow. I remember walking into that first class, not knowing what to expect. I was full of energy and emotion; and at the time, did not have the tools to calm my body or soften my mind.

Class began. Tuning in to the teacher felt a bit unnatural, I was never really the best “listener,” but once I was able to tune into my body I slowly began intentionally connecting my breath to movement on my mat. Feeling this connection inside for the first time, made me realize I had arrived at my safe haven. I felt present in the moment. Clear with my intention. Calmness within my body. I could breath. I could observe my thoughts without judgement. I could move my physical body freely. I was in a safe space within; home.

As I began to intentionally connect and heal within myself, I became more aware of my calling to help and guide others in need of self healing, strengthening and awareness. I use all that I have learned to create a playful, soulful, positive atmosphere in my classes. All of the tools I like to tap into offer an exploratory journey of one’s self through the mind ,body and breath. I believe that yoga has the power to help others calm the mind and peel back the layers to expose and connect to the true essence of their soul.

As my journey continues and my practice grows deeper, I become more connected to my true power and life source. I am stronger in my body and in my mind.

My intention for teaching is to hold a safe space for my students to explore and discover their truest self without judgement. I believe the journey mentally, emotionally and physically is vast and magnificent and I will always encourage my students to explore in a way that feels unique to them. I invite all souls to come join me and experience this beautiful, powerful, awakening.

Certifications: Kids Yoga, Vinyasa, and Yin. I received my 200hr yoga certification at Pure Yoga, in NYC. My kids yoga certification was through Yogi Beans, in NYC and I studied Yin Yoga at Sattva Yoga in Jersey City, NJ.